The Free Odds / Lay Bet

The house edge on single bets in craps is already low enough for a casino game. But don’t throw yourself on the table already, you can do even better!


There is a bet that is not even indicated on the table; it is the additional bet (Odds Bet). An Odds Bet is an additional bet that you place on top of your single bet. Once a point has been established, you can place odds on any single bet.


The Free Odds bet has zero advantage for the house: the casino does not make any profit on this bet, it is also the only bet that has this particularity at the casino.


How does the casino allow these kinds of bets to be made on which it does not make any profit? Simple: most players do not know it, and the dealers will not spontaneously tell you because the casino prevents them from guiding players if the players have not specifically requested it. If all players were only playing on these bets, the casino would not be able to offer this game!


How does it work?


Of course, this bet is not completely free, there is a subtlety: this bet is only valid once the Point has been determined. For this (as explained in Article 337, the first phase must be passed, and you must place a Pass, Don’t Pass, Come, or Don’t Come bet before making your Free Odds bet.


Example with a Pass Line bet:


You place a Pass Line bet, the thrower rolls the dice, and a Point is established (4,5,6,8,9, or 10). You can now make a Free Odds bet, by adding tokens under Pass Line. If the thrower realizes the point again, you win your Pass Line bet, and the Odds bet. If a 7 is rolled first, you lose.


Why is the house edge zero?


The house has no advantage because this stake is paid out with the same ratio as the probability of this bet being made: if there is a one in two chance that the bet will be made, the payout will be. two to one. The casino makes a profit on the other bets and the fact that to have access to this type of bet, it is already necessary to determine the point by betting on Pass Line.


Why are Free Odds limited?


The amount you can bet on Free Odds is limited; generally, it is a multiple of the Pass Line bet: the maximum bet amount is from 2x to 100x the Pass Line bet.




If you have bet € 5 on Pass Line, and the maximum amount of the Free Odds bet is twice the Pass Line bet, you can bet € 10 on the Free Odds bet.


Winning at craps


To win (or not lose too much): bet on Pass (or Don’t Pass) until the Point is determined, then bet as much as possible on Odds (or Lay) to dilute the advantage of the casino. This is the only way to limit the casino’s edge and win at craps (it’s not for nothing that casinos don’t promote this game!).


This strategy, which will give you a reputation as an expert in Craps and which will reduce the odds of the house to the bare minimum, is to make single Pass or Don’t Pass bets and always call with as high bets as possible.


All other systems, martingales, or dice roll control stories are either nonsense or scams that only benefit the casinos and the vendors of those systems.

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