Remote Controlled Slot Machines!

This translated New York Times article คา สิ โน สด, published in April 2006, describes a new generation of remote-controlled slot machines,


LAS VEGAS, April 6, 2006


From his small office at the back of the Treasure Island Casino, Justin Beltram will soon be able to change the wheel of fortune in seconds.


Mr. Beltman, a casino executive, is the man through which this high-end technological experience is going to change the face of slot machines. With a few mouse clicks, Mr. Beltram can reprogram sixteen connected slot machines out of the 1790s in the casino. It can change the minimum and maximum bets, the payout rate, and even the games.


Las Vegas keeps coming up with new features for its slot machines, which generate over $ 7 billion each year in Las Vegas, about double what the table games generate. Despite their growing popularity and the growth of the casino games market in recent years, casino operators want to get more returns on the money their customers spend elsewhere: on food, accommodation and other entertainment, or on online games.


In the past, modifying a slot machine was a complicated operation which involved opening the seal of the slot machine, replacing the electronic circuit of the slot machine and then modifying the decoration of the slot machine which displayed the theme of the machine. This change usually took a whole day and could cost thousands of dollars, between parts and labor.


“Now I just have to select the program on my computer” said Mr. Beltram, “and it takes me 20 seconds”.


This concept is being tested over the next few months under the leadership of federal gambling regulators. If regulators approve this system, casino operators will be able to centrally adjust slot machine games to suit different player populations: older and more regular players during the day, and younger players and tourists. to higher budgets overnight.


It also means testing customer confidence at the same time. Some critics believe this system is just one step away from online slots.


Mr. Beltam insists that he is not going to change the payout rates in a haphazard way, which he believes would be bad for business and player confidence. The development of these new machines corresponds to the ever increasing convergence between games of chance and technology. Slot machines, although possessing high-level mechanisms, are now computer programs that can be used to play on slot machines offering up to 25 paylines, with credit card types that have referred to forgotten the tokens, the pots used in the past. Soon, technological progress will be made on 3D animations, high definition of image and sound to further immerse players.


But these advances raise some eyebrows, the regulators in particular do not want the casino operators to be able to modify the redistribution rates too easily. According to the director of the Gambling Research Center at the University of Las Vegas, Mr David G. Schwartz: “Say you play on a slot machine at 2 o’clock and you get it right, and when you come back at 6 am, the redistribution rates have changed: that would pose a real ethical problem ”. Mr. Schwartz is also concerned that some players may benefit from advantageous payout rates because they are regular customers, or high players, thus making gambling unfair according to the player.


By law, casinos in Nevada (the state where Las Vegas is located) must have a payout rate of at least 75% on slot machines. The reality is that this payout rate is rather around 90%, according to casino operators, although they do not publish these figures. Also, by law, they cannot change this payout rate when someone is playing. The state allows them to change the payout rates after the machine has not been used for several minutes, and they must not allow anyone to play it for several minutes. During this time, the screen should show the change made in the game configuration, says Mr; Travis Foley, the manager responsible for the ongoing experimentation in the Treasure Island casino.


Normally, these changes are made in the middle of the night, when there are few players in the casino. Mr. Foley says that technology “accelerates change” but that this is not a new ability. The main objective, according to Mr. Beltram, is to quickly satisfy a player’s request. He cites the example of this big player from Rhode Island.


He wanted to play slot machines with high stakes, the Double Diamond slot machine at $ 25 a stake. The electronic circuit was ordered and the machine could be installed after 24 hours, whereas with this new system the slot machine could have been ready within an hour.


Another use of this system would be to adapt the games to the clientele: during the day there are a lot of regulars playing video poker, while in the evening we need more slot machines.


Most casinos already connect their slot machines and can monitor their performance live on a central server. The difference is that this would be the first time that casinos could send information to slots, rather than just receiving it.

The Punto Banco

Card game and prediction game, Punto Banco is played by one to seven players simultaneously. To win, the player must anticipate the result 1bet2u Online Malaysia.

This card game is akin to a prediction game in which players must anticipate the result.

The game is played around a semi-circular table, served by a dealer who uses 6 decks of 52 cards. The rules that we present to you concern the Punto Banco with 7 players, also called mini-baccarat.

The game is played out between the bank (Banco) and a “virtual” opponent, the pundit. The players bet either on the victory of the bank, or on that of Ponte, or the equality between the two.

Each player, represented by a number, has three boxes to bet. 3 scenarios:

The player bets on the square where his number appears, he bets on “PUNTO WINNER.”

The player bets on the Banco box located above his number; he bets on “BANCO WINNING.”

The player bets on the Tie box bearing his number: he bets on “TIE.”

He can also bet simultaneously on TIE and one of the other two chances: PUNTO GAGNANT or BANCO gagnant.

  • To forecast well is to win.
  • Once the cards are dealt, they are turned over.
  • Card distribution stops.

The dealer compares the 2 games:

if Punto has the highest score, it is PUNTO WINNING

if Banco has the highest score, it is BANCO WINNING

if Punto and Banco have the same score: TIE


If Banco has a total of 7, he does not draw a third card (Banco is said to stay).

If Banco has a total of 0, 1, or 2, he systematically draws a third card.

What is the value of the cards?

The cards have a face value: the figures and the ten are worthless, the ace is worth 1.

For example, 8 + 7 = 15 => 5 is the total, 6 + 4 = 10 => 0 is the total, in this case we say Baccarat.

How much do we earn?

Players who bet on the right forecast win and get their initial bet.

Tie: the player wins eight times the bet, the others also get their starting bets (draw for Punto or Banco)

Banco winner: the winning bet is paid 19 for 20 (ex: a player who has bet 20 euros wins 19 euros and gets his 20 euros). The others lose.

Punto winner: the player wins once the stake. The others lose.

How To Choose Your Slot Machine At The Casino?

Most people think that all slot machines are the same: of course, this is not the case. Here is some information to help you choose the slot machine that’s right for you and some tips.


All slot machines are not identical, and to differentiate them, you will have to “read” the machine, or more exactly read the instructions which indicate the redistribution rate in particular. Let’s take a look at a typical slot machine and what information can be found there.


First, check the type of chips or coins you can use in this no1 online casino singapore slot machine, and the minimum and maximum bets accepted.

There are different types of slot machines:


The multiplier slot machine


This machine offers a win for a particular symbol, and the number of chips played is multiplied if this symbol appears by the predetermined number of times. The multiplication is linear (proportional to the number of coins played), but in general, a maximum bet will make you win much more.


Ex: If the slot machine pays 5 tokens when you play with one token, and you get three lemons, it will pay 10 tokens if you play with 2 tokens and 15 if you play with 3 tokens.


This machine will not penalize you if you do not wish to play with the maximum number of chips. If you prefer to play one token at a time, this type of machine is for you.


The multiplier bonus slot machine


This machine works like the previous one, except that it offers a bonus when you play with the maximum number of chips, and you get the jackpot.


Ex: the three 7s will pay 1000 chips for a chip, 2000 for 2 chips, but 10,000 chips for the maximum bet.


The slot machine with multiple paylines


These machines offer to play with more than one pay line. Each token activates a particular pay line. If you win on a line for which you did not insert a chip, you will not receive anything. In the days of mechanical slot machines, slot machines only had three pay lines. Nowadays, it is possible to find up to 25 pay lines that intersect in the middle of 5 reels in video slots.


The chosen payout slot


These are the least understood slot machines in the casino world. On a “buy-pay” machine, you have to buy the pay line or the types of combinations.


Ex: On the “Sizzlin 7’s” slot machine. The machine pays for cherries, bars, and 7. If you play with one chip, you will only be able to receive money on the cherries in a row. Two tokens will only allow you to play with cherries and bars. With three tokens, you can play with all three symbols.


Advice: do not play this machine if you do not play with the maximum bet, you will think you have hit the jackpot if three 7s are aligned and finally realize that you have not put enough chips to win.


The progressive jackpot slot machine, or cumulative


Slots progressive jackpot are interconnected and increase their jackpot together. Thus, slot machines from several different casinos can be connected to offer a huge jackpot, which can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This type of slot machine has a very poor payout rate on small wins to allow more for the cumulative jackpot. You must play the maximum number of chips to be able to win the cumulative jackpot.




All slot machines have their information written on them, so take some time to read them; this will allow you to choose the slot machine that will best meet your expectations.


Finally, note that there is no link between the redistribution percentage and the fact that the machine is buy-pay or multiply, some machines being both buy-pay and multiply.